Peyman Mortazavi
(571) 263-4240
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A whimsical person in pursuit of satisfying their curiosity and passion to express. Peyman is a software enthusiast, an engineer if you will and a creative person. He tries to marry the two sides of his brain to feel emotional about his logical makings. He took an early interest in programming and never stopped it and now he makes things, be it music, software or a moment to make his target audience feel what they need to feel. His dream is to make an immersive theatre experience he is proud of, join Peyman in making it a reality. Feel free to contact him for any reason you deem sufficient to interrupt his activity at the time.


Computer Science and Applied Math @ University of Colorado Boulder / Graduated in December, 2016


Backend Engineer @ Numerator October, 2018 - Present

Leading a data processing pipeline where we'd have to process receipts and store them for future insights. Produced various tools in the process, primarily using Python but there are some uses of C++ like in garlic config. Designed and built means of extraction and data processing algorithms for text and image feature extraction. Designed and built tools to continuously measure performance of the system with regards to recall and precision.

Backend Engineer @ InfoScout January, 2017 - October, 2018

Same as above and also the following: Built a C++ library to perform extractions on multiple environment and enhanced performance.

Backend Engineer Intern (iOS) @ InfoScout Summer of 2016

Primarily worked on the iOS mobile client, built an fully functional iOS app with API and internal data caching features in a month. Supported various apps written in Objective-C and Swift. Designed and built deep linking capability in all environments, backend API, iOS and Android.

Part-Time Software Engineer @ Quantified Self Spring of 2016

Support data processing pipeline for this immersive data-driven theatre show. Audience would sign up with their social accounts (OAuth) and we'd process their data and make inferences based on their data. At the show, audience would benefit from personalized experiences and games with their data. Helped with ticketing platform and some dev ops work.

Part-Time Software Engineer @ Tablika September, 2013 - December, 2015

Worked on backend and mobile clients to support a cross-platform rendering engine. Designed and implemented a layout rendering protocol to display UI elements and execute work flows in phone apps. Designed and implemented backend API to design and publish views and create work flows. Primarily used C# and MongoDB as database. Used a large CI system to automatically re-brand the app for third party vendors upon request.

quantified self
immersive theatre experience

A data-driven immersive theatre experience where audience would first provide access to their social media profiles via oauth exchange upon ticket purchase. Between then and the time they would come to show, our simplistic machine learning algorithms and data processors would produce data for the kiosk games in the show. These information varied from AI inferences to simple static data polling like getting list of all posts and then presenting them to the user. The synopsis is that audience members are all invited to this exclusive futuristic company who has produced many AI tools including Amelia, an advanced humanoid (played by an actor). Audience can go anywhere in the stage and spark conversion with actors. there are also kiosk games that can be played with other actors or audience members or simply played alone. the idea is to show case the reality of the mass data sharing and ethical challenges of data in the digital era.

garlic config
native lib for config management

This is a lightweight library written in C++ 11 that supports configuration in many forms. custom inheritance logic can be defined. There are various utility methods to ease making more complex config inheritance logic to be defined. This library can be compiled for variety of platforms including linux, mac os, windows, ios and android. You can simply define your config manager in the C++ code and reuse it in all your platforms without worrying about falling out of sync. It also comes with a Python binding that's been done using Cython, it's currently available on PyPI as "garlicconfig".

bitcoin charity and non-profit contribution service

My team and I made a simple platform where you can contribute to a charity and have it be transparent by becoming a middle-man for the transactions. This way all the payments made by the charity or the non-profit would become public and everyone can see where their money is being spent. This is possible by providing an API to the non-profits to make purchases and hide the actual bitcoin wallet available directly.